If you could actually eavesdrop on your targeted customers’ hidden thoughts and feelings…
think of the power you’d have to increase sales!

That’s what IE PRO YOU® helps you do!

What is IE PRO YOU®?

Hear CEO Paul Conner
describe IE PRO YOU®

IE PRO YOU® is our affordable, easy-to-use platform for conducting implicit, System 1 surveys that reveal consumers’ hidden thoughts and feelings … the ones that drive consumer behavior … and that you can’t get using traditional explicit surveys!

Hear CEO Paul Conner
describe IE PRO YOU®

Who Is Paul?

Over 35+ years, Paul Conner has had a career-long obsession with consumer insights. His passion for understanding the wants, needs, and attitudes of consumers led him to search for the most effective means of capturing and analyzing consumers’ thoughts and feelings. When traditional consumer research techniques proved insufficient, he delved into “the consumer subconscious,” and built his own hyper-reliable, highly actionable system, culminating in IE PRO YOU®, powered by Emotive Analytics’ ingenuity. In addition to founding Emotive Analytics in 2004, Paul developed & authored The AIM Process for actionable consumer research, and has spoken at the Neuromarketing World Forum, IIEX, and Design & Emotion Conferences, as well as many other prominent consumer insights events. For more information go to Paul Conner.


“Paul has been a valued insights partner in my past and current role. He is uniquely able to balance rigor and practicality to bridge the gap between his expertise in consumer subconscious behaviors to business partner facing insights that are engaging and actionable.” BRENDA ALLEN-TOON, DIRECTOR, INSIGHTS & CRM, SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET

How Does

It’s so easy!

  • Set up your free account.
  • Enter key information for your survey.
  • Define your sample and launch your survey.
  • Automatically receive implicit and explicit association results and reports.

The key implicit response tasks are adapted from Dr. Keith Payne’s Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP) … a well-validated, well-credentialed behavior science approach to measuring automatic, implicit, nonconscious, System 1 thoughts and feelings.

And by the way … although the platform is built to be DIY, Paul Conner and Dr. Payne are there to help you every step of the way!

Dr. Keith Payne

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dr. Keith Payne

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


The signature IE PRO YOU® platform gives marketers and consumer insights professionals –ranging from small companies to large international corporations –the consumer insights they need to be most competitive and profitable in today’s crowded marketplace. The platform provides both implicit (“first reaction”) and explicit (“deliberative thought”) measures, giving marketers the “whole picture” of the thoughts and feelings that are driving the consumer behavior they desire. This allows marketers to “cross the bridge” into the consumer subconscious, elevating their brands, products, services, and communications above the competition, sustaining profitability for decades to come.