An Easy-to-Use
Online Implicit
Research Platform

Once you set up your free account, you navigate through the steps necessary to carry out your IE PRO YOU® studies. It’s pretty intuitive once you get into the platform, but you can also access the video demos each step along the way.

Add a Few Pieces
And You’re Ready to Go!

1. Describe your study.
2. Upload images of the items you want to evaluate (brands, ads, package designs, etc.)
3. Select the attributes you want them evaluated against.
4. Construct questions that represent your desired outcomes (e.g. purchase interest).
5. Construct classifications questions – e.g., demographics.
6. Calculate your sample size, identify your sample, and choose your sample provider.
7. Launch your survey.
8. Get your results and reports in real time, as the data come in.

Easy, peasy!

Data and Reports are
Automatically Generated!

As or after your surveys are completed, results and reports are available automatically. You get…

  • Tables of association scores that indicate the probability with which your attributes are implicitly and explicitly associated with your “stimuli of interest” (SOIs; your brands, ads, package designs, etc.)
  • Metrics that indicate the degree to which the attributes are driving your desired outcomes.
  • Graphs that visually represent the attribute associations and driver metrics, along with automatic narrative explaining the results.
  • A raw data file that you can upload into your favorite statistical software.

It’s all automatic and in real time. No waiting for your reports!

Build the Bridge!

The signature IE PRO YOU® platform gives marketers and consumer insights professionals –ranging from small companies to large international corporations –the consumer insights they need to be most competitive and profitable in today’s crowded marketplace. The platform provides both implicit (“first reaction”) and explicit (“deliberative thought”) measures, giving marketers the “whole picture” of the thoughts and feelings that are driving the consumer behavior they desire. This allows marketers to “cross the bridge” into the consumer subconscious, elevating their brands, products, services, and communications above the competition, sustaining profitability for decades to come.